Private car transfers, taxi, minivan, minibus between Hungary and Slovakia: Budapest - Bratislava, Nitra, Kosice, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Poprad, Zilina


BUDAPESTVIENNA.HU is a licensed passenger transport firm.Our most common transfer routes between Hungary and Slovakia:Budapest - Bratislava, Nitra, Kosice, Trnava, Banská Bystrica, Poprad, Zilina in both directions.

- We do not organise shared or collective passenger transportation, only private car, taxi, minivan, minibus or bus transfers. (Transport prices apply for the vehicle not per person - please book your car according to this). We apply fixed prices and give you an offer for the vehicle which is suitable for the number of passengers.
- Our main profile is private car transportation between Budapest and Bratislava, but we provide passenger transfers for individuals and for smaller groups from Budapest - or any address located in Hungary, hotels private addresses, airports - to Bratislava or Bratislava Airport and other destinations in Slovakia.
- All costs, tolls and taxes are included in the price - no hidden costs!
- Our customers choose us because of the flexible departing time and departing address in door-to-door passenger transportation. You do not need to share the car with others, what makes the transfer more comfortable and safe.
- If you want to take a short break for lunch or to visit some scenic places during the journey, you can book or arrange it with the driver.
- We offer an English, German, Hungarian speaking private driveras your tour guide, with great knowledge of the most interesting sights.

- Our cars:
- for 1 - 3 passengers: Mercedes E class estate car,
- for 4 - 7 passengers: Mercedes Vito minivan,
- for groups 8 - 20 passengers: Mercedes Sprinter Bus.

- Our cars are licensed for passenger transportation by the National Transport Authority, correspond the strictest conditions and undergo regular maintenance.
- In case you are on the way between Budapest and Bratislava - and you are not in a hurry - you have the option to visit Győr or Pannonhalma Abbey, or stop for a few-hours long shopping in Parndorf Outlet (where people from outside the European Union can shop tax free). Mostly travellers from outside Europe choose one of our most interesting - TRANSFER FROM BUDAPEST - TO BRATISLAVA WTH SCENIC TOUR VIA DABUBE BEND- option.

- You can pay in cash: in HUF, EUR, CHF, GBP, USD.
- When booking a transfer, advance payment or deposit is not required.
- You should pay to the driver after the arrival.

- Distance: Budapest - Bratislava: 200 km, duration: 2 hours
- Distance: Budapest - Nitra: 170 km, duration: 2,5hours
- Distance: Budapest - Kosice: 260 km, duration: 3hours
- Distance: Budapest - Trnava: 190 km, duration: 2,5hours
- Distance: Budapest - Banská Bystrica: 190 km, duration: 3 hours
- Distance: Budapest - Zilina : 400 km, duration: 4,5hours
- Distance: Budapest - Poprad: 460 km, duration: 5 hours



BUDAPEST - BRATISLAVAMercedes E. 3 paxMinibus 7 paxBus 20 pax
Bratislava direct249,- EUR299,- EUR590,- EUR
Bratislava + STOP in Győr299,- EUR449,- EUR899,- EUR
Bratislava + Pannonhalma299,- EUR449,- EUR899,- EUR
Parndorf Outlet shopping359,- EUR419,- EUR830,- EUR
SLOVAKIAMercedes E. 3 paxMinibus 7 paxBus 20 pax
Budapest - Bratislava Airport249,- EUR299,- EUR590,- EUR
Bratislava Airport - Budapest249,- EUR299,- EUR590,- EUR
Budapest - Nitra289,- EUR349,- EUR690,- EUR
Budapest - Kosice289,- EUR349,- EUR690,- EUR
Budapest - Trnava249,- EUR299,- EUR690,- EUR
Budapest - Banská Bystrica289,- EUR349,- EUR690,- EUR
Budapest - Zilina419,- EUR479,- EUR959,- EUR
Budapest - Poprád389,- EUR449,- EUR890,- EUR

Reviews from our customers

Maria Maglasang - Indonesia

I always wanted to visit these cities (Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest). I'm so happy, I found this site! Easy to book, enough details and information, so I didn't have to worry about anything. Thanks for the trip! I miss these places already! Best wishes: Maria from Indonesia


Nancy Morton - USA

I got a European trip as a graduation gift from my mom. Due to some errors, we missed the train from Vienna to Budapest. Luckily, we found this site and it was really life-saving! After hours of worrying, we met a kind and helpful driver and it was a relief! It was a good idea, to use a professional service instead of getting lost in a foreign-language country even more. It was an enjoyable ride and we also got useful tips for sights, museums and restaurants. Thank you very much Emil!
Nancy Morton - USA California


Marek Jablonsky - Poland

Hi! We were travelling with the kids from Vienna to Budapest with the option of travelling through the Danube Bend. So rich history and amazing view! Our guide and driver was so easy-going, helpful and intelligent. The kids enjoyed the time so much and learnt more, than in a history lesson! We would like to thank you for the ride. It was an awesome day, you made our trip so interesting! Thank You Emil! Regards: Marek Jablonsky - Poland


Tommy Lim

"We had booked for us 3 Emil as a private driver from Vienna to Budapest in Sept. 2017 via his homepage It was easy to find all the informations on the site. His offer was promt and detailed, he answered for all our questions previously in his transfer confirmation. The pick up was in the exact time, the car is a luxury Mercedes E class estate car, enough luggage-rack for our 4 suitcases and hand bags. He offered us not a simple direct transport to Budapest but a scenic tour via Bratislava, which is the capital city of Slovakia. It was amazing!!! Highly recommended! Thank you Emil!"


Daniel Sikorsky

It was an excellent ride and excellent car excellent driver.
Five stars!
Thanks Emil


Dieter und Elke Schröder

Wir möchten uns für die pünktliche Abholung aus Pari bedanken.Wir
können Sie nur weiter empfehlen.
Grüße aus Schleswig Holstein!

Dieter und Elke Schröder


Robert Venczel - USA Florida

Nálunk Amerikában teljesen más kép él a taxisokról. Nemrég meglátogattam az őseim földjét családommal. Sajnos a gyerekeim nem jól beszélik a Magyar nyelvet. Az interneten találták - szerencséjükre - a mi kedvenc magyar sofőrünket, aki nem csak, hogy kiválóan beszél angolul, de hihetetlen lexikális tudással rendelkezik. Innentől kezdve felébredt a kíváncsiságuk az Óhaza történelme és kultúrája iránt. Emil minden tiszteletet és elismerést megérdemel.
Köszönjük Emil! (Újra jövünk)


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